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FinTech is full of promise. It offers automation to save unfathomable amounts of time and hassle. It provides flexibility to give individuals the freedom to self-manage their accounts in real time. It reduces costs, thereby increasing participation.

Yet, one feature has been a frustration for many fintech users, and that is customer support. When questions arise or plans go wrong, automated support is rarely an ideal solution for end users.

The best fintech providers understand this problem, and are laying aside technology where human understanding is needed.

Robots Aren’t Good at This

Automated support can be provided in several ways. Most commonly, companies offer an extensive knowledge center with a good search function so that users can search for—and find—answers to their questions. For common questions, or after-hours inquiries, a knowledge base of articles or videos can be a good starting point. 

Another common strategy is a chat bot or phone tree, with pre-programmed questions and answers. Chat bots can be effective at helping users get to the correct answers or discover the terminology they need to use to find a better answer, and phone loops always answer.

However, if you’ve ever used either of these solutions yourself, you’ll recognize why they are frustrating. Because they aren’t human, they don’t function or think as humans do, so humans tire of them quickly. Bots can’t handle complex or sensitive problems, they don’t understand the nuances of language, and they can’t think strategically if the problem is unusual or the answer is not readily available. 

Plus, humans are just friendlier than robots! 

Not Just Human, But Useful Human Support

Robots are better than humans at many jobs, but for some tasks, there is no satisfactory substitute for human interaction. 

But even live support can be frustrating if support agents don’t have enough knowledge or authority to solve problems, or if the underlying technology is so limited or difficult to navigate that no good solutions exist.

That’s why it’s imperative that excellent support and excellent technology are able to work together.

At 401GO, we offer live support for all participants, as well as a dedicated relationship manager for plan sponsors and partners. Our agents are trained in all aspects of 401(k) management, and they are dedicated to making sure all participants and plan sponsors have a good experience. 

We take customer feedback seriously, and we plan many of the updates to our technology around what our users and partners ask for.

During business hours, clients are able to call our main line or use the chat bot on the website for live help. At any time, they are able to email us, or leave their email address with a question on the chat bot, and receive a reply the following day. 

Experience the Difference

We frequently receive feedback from our clients about how great their experience has been, thanks to our helpful team. 

Read these examples:

“It was easy to set up with all the support provided… The 401GO team has been fantastic to work with every step of the way!” 

President of small business

“They have great real phone support in the US which many of their competitors do not provide. They are not just some AI firm who has a robot do it all.”

Partner of small business

“Every step of the onboarding and execution process has been a breeze. I was a little confused regarding 401k rules and regulations but their support team answered my questions quickly and knowledgeably.” 

President of small business

“The 401Go staff is incredibly responsive and helpful. They seem to genuinely listen to user feedback to improve their platform and services.”

Owner of small business

“I have enjoyed working and learning with Jared and Kelly over the past six months. Their response time is quick and fast. They solve any problem for our clients or me within hours… The benefits that I have realized are the quick response time and answers to any questions.”

Benefits manager of small business

“Their customer service is dynamite.”  

Owner of small business

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The best retirement platforms pair excellent automation technology with excellent live customer support, and do it without overcharging customers

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