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401GO Sponsors the Scaling New Heights Conference

401GO will attend the Scaling New Heights conference in Orlando, FL this year. It will be held June 19-22, 2022. Insightful Accountant features the 401(k) sponsors, as well as other payroll-related benefit sponsors, in it's series about the SNH show.

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401GO Educates About Investing in Crypto Within a ...

401GO, a fintech startup that provides small businesses with the opportunity to offer employees a 401(k) plan, discusses the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrency and other digital assets within a retirement plan.

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Dan Beck on Why to Offer a 401(k)

It is crucial to take care of the people that make a startup successful. Benefits like PTO, health insurance and, more specifically for this article, 401(k) plans can help startups to differentiate themselves.

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Dan Beck on the Future of Retirement Plans

For the past 40 or so years, 401(k) plans have practically never changed. Today, emerging tech platforms and stock accessibility are driving a more active investment style.

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ABM: Why Saving for Retirement is Important

If Americans lose the opportunity to start saving early for retirement, they end up working longer than they would like to, or sadly, beyond what their aging bodies can handle.

NAPA Black Book: 401GO Listed in New FinTech Categ...

The goal of the NAPA Black Book is to provide retirement plan advisors with a single handy reference guide. It includes key information points about the nation's leading advisor partners.