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benefits of 401k

3 Benefits of a 401(k) Plan for Employers

While many employers recognize the apparent costs and benefits that impact their bottom line, some of the other impacts aren’t as easy to measure. 

attract Gen Z employees

5 Updates to Make Your 401(k) Attractive to Gen Z ...

There’s a new trend among employees called “super saving.” Super savers put at least 20% of their salary into a retirement or other investment account. While super savers come in all ages and income levels, the trend is especially popular

nervous to start 401k

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Nervous to Start ...

401(k)s have traditionally come with high costs, significant time requirements, and compliance concerns. But fintech platforms are transforming the way businesses approach retirement benefits.

advisor prospecting 401k clients

4 Ways for Financial Advisors to Prospect Small Bu...

By offering your 401(k) services to small businesses, you can add more value to your small business owner clients while creating additional relationships and planning opportunities with employee participants.

non-elective contributions

How Do Non-Elective 401(k) Contributions Work?

Sometimes called “profit-sharing plans,” non-elective 401(k)s can be a powerful tool for small businesses to retain good employees, reduce taxes, and help business owners prepare for their own retirement. 

6 fiduciary responsibilities 401k

Six 401(k) Fiduciary Responsibilities Employers Ne...

Employers can outsource many of their fiduciary duties, allowing them to utilize a provider like 401GO to cover many aspects of their 401(k).